I'm a Sample Killah!!

Recently I came across this challenge hosted by Kalyn Lord of www.kalynlord.com . For the month of July, she’s challenging beauty junkies to use up as many samples and ‘foilies’ as possible. Now, you know that every makeup and beauty lover has a secret/not so secret stash of random samples. I’ve got a box or two! Though I’ve said to myself many times before that I would get to them, it just never happens. With this challenge I am hoping to get through at least half my stash by the end of this month. Am I being overly optimistic?

For more information about the Sample Killah challenge or to join, please see Kalyn’s original post http://www.kalynlord.com/sample-killah-2. There’s also a giveaway for participating so be sure to check it out!

Participants will be posting weekly updates on their twitter and instagram accounts #samplekillah. To follow my progress, don’t forget to subscribe to my instagram account @fanniediep.

#samplekillah on instagram!

Wish me luck, and to my fellow participants, happy killin’ ;)


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