Biotherm Aquasource Moisturizer, Deep Serum, and Nuit Review

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Biotherm Aquasource Review deep serum nuit night

Initially I had doubts that Biotherm Aquasource products would be hydrating enough for my skin, because I've been heavily medicating it to clear up acne (causing it to be even more dry and sensitive than usual). I was so surprised by the results and how much I ended up liking these products! All Biotherm Aquasource products contain mannose and life plankton ingredients that boast the ability to improve skin quality and health, by boosting moisture and promoting skin regeneration. I've been using these products for a few months now and I have to say that my skin feels more hydrated and looks a lot smoother. All three products have a gel consistency and smell like oranges!

Biotherm Aquasource Review deep serum nuit night
Overall - 4/5
Biotherm Aquasource is a good daily moisturizer. Leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and wears well under makeup. You only need a little bit for your entire face and applying too much can make you oily.

Biotherm Aquasource Review deep serum nuit night
Overall - 3/5
Biotherm Aquasource Deep Serum, has a more liquid consistency compared to the regular moisturizer and Nuit. It also contains pink light reflectors (- not very visible when applied). This serum can be worn under makeup but I notice I get oily rather quickly, so when I'm using makeup I tend to skip this.

Biotherm Aquasource Review deep serum nuit night
Overall - 3/5
Biotherm Aquasource Nuit is a night serum/jelly. When I use this, my skin is soft, smooth and plump the next morning!

I really like the Biotherm Aquasource moisturizer. The two serums are also good but I don’t think I need them both. I'm leaning towards Nuit just a little bit more, but honestly either one would be a good addition to your skin care regimen.

I recommend these products for people who have dry and perhaps combination skin. Be very careful not to use too much because these products can make you quite oily by midday. Not sure if I would recommend these to oily skin types.

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