Review - Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar Black Dahlia

OCC Black Dahlia Review Swatch Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Overall - 3/5
I've been dying to try OCC lip tars and finally grabbed a few at the OCC booth at IMATS last year. Even my friends went crazy for them. Among the colors I purchased was Black Dahlia a red black, oxblood color. I was really expecting a super dark vampy color that might be borderline scary, but I was surprised at how wearable it ended being. I do have a love hate relationship with it though.

Black Dahlia definitely didn't turn out as dark and black as I thought it would. The product seems to sink in and fade pretty fast and looks only dark on my lips upon application, then it fades to a dark cherry color (it can almost look purple sometimes). The finish is very glossy and only when I use a good amount does it stain my lips (which is disappointing because I really wanted this product to leave a stain - I don't know why I just had that expectation). For a lippie that has undertones of brown, it's not terrible at yellowing my eyes and teeth (brown lippies do that, so test and check that smile before you commit to a brown lipstick). Black dahlia was also surprisingly less opaque compared to the other shades I purchased, it's like a super pigmented lip gloss. You can wear a tiny amount for that stained look or build it up for a darker lip which is nice. I also love using OCC's Black Dahlia as a cheek stain!

OCC Black Dahlia Review Swatch Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
This could easily be a 4/5 product for me, but the application is time consuming and not very forgiving at all! It bleeds and smears quite easily and I'm not the best at makeup application so it gets frustrating. Despite it being a pain to use, I still do really like Black Dahlia.

Have you tried OCC's Black Dahlia? What is darkest vampiest shade of lipstick you own and when do you rock it?


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