Blossom x BKR Beauty Water Challenge!

* BKR bottle provided by Blossom Lounge

BKR bottle review blossom lounge water challenge
Do you drink enough water everyday? In the month of March Blossom Lounge teamed up with 12 bloggers, myself included, provided us each with an adorable BKR bottle, and challenged us to drink 2.5 l (that's 5 bottles) of water every day for 30 days! The goal and point of this challenge was to drink our way to better skin and overall health. Since the beginning of this year I've been working on clearing up my skin and helping it heal, so you can imagine how eager and excited I was to do this.

Here's my deal. When I'm at home in front of the computer (or when I was at office), I'm pretty good with drinking water. I always have a cup and I'll sip on water all day long. With that said, on days I'm doing anything else (which is most days) whether it be a day out running errands, or at home just doing chores or something, sometimes I don't end up drinking any water at all. Not a drop. Terrible, I know! So how hard was it for me to suddenly start drinking 2.5 l of water a day? I have to admit, it was really hard! The first day or two I couldn't even get through 5 bottles but as I kept at it, it became easier and easier (- they say it takes 21 days to develop new habits).

BKR bottle review blossom lounge water challenge

So here is my experience and results. I still have acne. Drinking water ain't gonna clear that shiet up. However what I have noticed, is that overall my skin does look and feel better. The skin under my eyes especially is less dull and shallow, the area seems to be more plump and the skin more elastic and smooth. My mouth and lips don't feel dry like they used to as well, and thank goodness because I've been wearing tons of lipstick and I haven't had to deal with super chapped lips like I had before.

Even though I notice improvement in my skin, I'm actually more pleased with how I feel after starting this water challenge. For one, I actually know what it feels to be thirsty now, which I think is the funniest thing, but seriously! Before I started this challenge, I was so used to being dehydrated, I didn't really recognize the feeling of being thirsty. It just felt normal, I didn't know any better. Now I'm always like 'Uh dry, I need my wata!' Since drinking more water I also feel less groggy, I have more energy, and I'm in a better mood.

Another thing I noticed since starting this challenge, is how much juice I used to drink. So yummy but loaded with sugar and other stuff. I still have juice now but maybe just a small cup instead of a large glass or two like I did before!

At first I didn't know Blossom Lounge picked me to take part in this challenge and I didn't receive my BKR water bottle until March 7 (which is when I started my 30 days), so technically I still have a week to go while most of the other bloggers participating will be finishing up their 30 days this weekend. I will do a final post at the end of my 30 days to give you guys my final thoughts and results! In the mean time you may want to check out the experience and results of the other awesome ladies who took part in the Blossom Lounge x BKR Beauty Water Challenge. Check this Blossom Lounge blog post for more information and links!

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Do you drink enough water everyday? Stay tuned for my tips on drinking more water and my final results!


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