Review - Spectro Dry Skin Therapy Intense Rehydration Moisturizer

* Product provided by PR for Review Considerations. Opinions are my own.

Spectro Dry Skin Therapy Moisturizer Review
Spectro Dry Skin Therapy Moisturizer Review
Overall - 5/5

I have terrible skin, there's no denying it, and during the winter months my skin gets even worst. The cold winter winds in Toronto, and crazy indoor heating makes my skin extremely dry, itchy, flakey, and for some reason I get way more breakouts. It doesn't help that I've been stressed out and getting random bouts of eczema flare ups. When I was offered the opportunity to try out some Spectro products from their Dry Skin Therapy line, I figured these products will be great for treating my skin when I have eczema. Funny enough, since receiving the moisturizer I haven't had any issues with my eczema, but I've been using it on my entire face and I can't believe I've held off using this product until just recently.

It's really hard to explain how painful it is to have bad skin. Not just the fact that it looks terrible, but for me my acne and dry skin is actually physically painful. Seriously itchy, flakey, red, tight, and everything just seems to make it breakout. Since using Spectro's Intense Rehydration moisturizer, my skin is definitely less irritated. I have to admit that I've neglected my skin quite a bit this winter, and because of that, it's been at its worst for a long time now. Even though my skin is still in horrible shape, dare I say, lately it's been looking a little smoother and feeling a little softer.

Spectro Dry Skin Therapy Moisturizer Review
Spectro Dry Skin Therapy Moisturizer Review Spectro Dry Skin Therapy Moisturizer Review

Let's take a look at the product. The Intense Rehydration moisturizer comes in a metal squeeze tube, and the texture of this stuff is really thick. Seriously thick! It's recommended that you use a generous amount and for better results to apply to the skin while it is still damp after cleansing. I just want to mention that this moisturizer doesn't really sink it. Well it does some what, but even after you've given it some time to sink in, you will definitely still notice that a 'barrier' is kind of left on your skin. After application my skin looks soft and is matte. To me the scent of this moisturizer is a little chemical smelling, but on the upside this moisturizer is irritant free, which means it doesn't contain unnecessary perfumes or colors.

A few things to note about this moisturizer... You can't wear makeup with it, you should try to avoid getting any of the product on your eyebrows and hairline because the moisturizer will stick your hairs together, rubbing it while it's still tacky on the skin will cause the moisturizer to flake and pill off (just put it on and leave it alone), and it's not recommended to use this with any topical medications (so only use this moisturizer between your topical med applications but not at the same time).

Spectro Dry Skin Therapy Moisturizer Review Spectro Dry Skin Therapy Moisturizer Review
LEFT : This picture is for another Spectro product but I just wanted to show you guys how gross and dry my hands are.
RIGHT: This is after using Spectro Dry Skin Therapy Moisturizer. No more dry cracking skin.

This is definitely not your typical moisturizer, it really does protect and soothe your skin. I would especially recommend this product if your skin is going through a bad phase and just need a break from your other products (especially for us beauty bloggers testing so many different things all the time), or if you just need a good treatment moisturizer for very dry or irritated skin.

Have you tried Spectro Dry Skin Therapy?


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