IMATS Toronto 2013 Haul and Experience

IMATS Toronto 2013! This was my second time going to IMATS, and since this year it was held downtown at the Metro Convention Center, I decided to get tickets for both Saturday and Sunday. I tried my best to keep the misc spending to a minimum.

Day 1
Toronto IMATS 2013 Haul

First stop was to the Makeup Forever booth to get my HD foundations (just like last year - see post here). The MUFE booth was crazy busy. It's definitely one of the more popular booths at the show. We were waiting at least 15 minutes to checkout, and even though I submitted my order first, I was the last one from my group to get my stuff. Not a big deal, but just thought it was kind of weird (not necessarily first come first serve basis, so just get your order in).

Toronto IMATS 2013 Haul
While we were waiting at MUFE for our stuff, I ran over to the Kind of Magic booth, and got myself a bottle of Ben Nye's Banana Powder. I've heard so much about this product. When I went back to my friends and showed them the powder, they ran over to get themselves a bottle too ... And funny enough so did three other girls who overheard us talking about it! (Get a bunch of excited girls together and this is what happens haha.)

Toronto IMATS 2013 Haul
Classique Nails and Estheic was at IMATS again this year offering great deals on nail polishes and supplies. OPI was 6 for $30, Essie 6 for $20, and China Glaze 6 for $20. My friend and I decided to get 3 China Glaze polishes each and split the deal. I got Ride The Waves, Some like It Haute, and Aquadelic.

Toronto IMATS 2013 Haul
Next stop was Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I think my friends and I spent the most time at this booth and had the most fun swatching and shopping. We love the lip tars! So much in fact, the next day I actually had to come back to this booth, to help my friend purchase more. I got Lydia, Stalker, Black Dahlia, Rhythm Box, and Strumpet. Also ran over to Crown Brushes to grab a small lip brush (C170SH-4) to use with these.

Toronto IMATS 2013 Haul
My last purchase of the day was this Eve Pearl dual salmon concealer in light/medium. I can't wait to use this concealer! I love watching Eve Pearl demo her products, and on Sunday I also heard her speak about her career and business at the main stage. I really admire her passion.

Don't wait until you're ready to do something, just do it! - Eve Pearl

Day 2
Toronto IMATS 2013 Haul
This was an impulsive purchase at the Beauty D booth. I've been avoiding the raccoon eye look by skipping eye cosmetics all together lately, but when I saw these Cailyn gel liners boast smudge proof and 24 hr wear, I was intrigued. It didn't help that another girl was saying that these liners are one of the best she's used. I caved in and got them. Went for the promo with my friend, which is why I have two. I am such a sucker. Haha.

Toronto IMATS 2013 Haul
At IMATS there are quite a few booths selling brushes. I was looking for something super dense and soft and found these kabuki style brushes at the Outer Beauty booth. I got the Pristine Kabuki set which comes with three brushes, domed kabuki, oval kabuki, and the ellipse kabuki.

Toronto IMATS 2013 Haul
My last purchase at IMATS was the Beauty So Clean cosmetics sanitizing spray (240 ml). I got this with my friend Christine, and Joyce from Sparkly Playground. These girls managed to haggle and split a promo... and get us a bunch of freebies. We all walked away with a large cosmetic sanitizing spray, a bottle of brush cleanser, a mini spray, and a bunch of wipes! Thanks ladies.

Let's assess the damage shall we?
BoothPurchases and PricesRetail Prices (for reference)
Makeup ForeverMUFE HD Foundation X 2 - $66$98
Kind of MagicBen Nye Banana Powder (3oz) - $12$12
Classique Nails & Esthetic IncChina Glaze Nail Polish X 3 - $10$18
Obsessive Compulsive CosmeticsOCC Lip Tars X 5 - $62.50$110
Crown BrushesLip Brush - $2.5$2.5
Eve PearlEve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer - $25$39
Beauty DCailyn Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner X 2 - $20$42
Outer BeautyOuter Beauty Pristine Kabuki Brush Set - $29$39
Beauty So CleanBeauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer (250ml) - $18.83$25
Total Spent - $245.83Total Retail - $385.50

Last year I spent $278.40 (see last year's haul here) and this year I spent $245.83. For reference I looked up some online retail prices for the items that I purchased. I think that if you are a makeup enthusiast, the show is worth checking out and I would recommend it. If you are only looking to score some deals then I would probably skip IMATS. There are only a few big cosmetic brands and the rest of the show mainly offers supplies, and related equipment for professional makeup artists. Just my two cents if you are debating whether or not to attend IMATS.

So like last year I wanted to meet other local beauty bloggers at IMATS Toronto, and once again failed miserably. I don't know what it is. Perhaps there's just way too many people, and the phone reception is always ridiculous at these kind of places, but I just couldn't be at the right place at the right time to see or meet anybody. There's always next year!

Toronto IMATS 2013
With that said, on Sunday I was able to meet one beauty blogger I've been stalking on social media for awhile now. Joyce from Sparkly Playground! Joyce thank you so much for hanging out and giving my friend and I insight to all of this beauty blogging business and more. It was great getting to know you and I'm glad my potty mouth didn't offend you! Picture stolen from Joyce's instagram.

All in all, I had a great time at IMATS Toronto 2013. Nothing like spending time with the girlfriends, chatting, browsing, and shopping. Thank you ladies for checking out IMATS with me this year.

Did you go to IMATS Toronto? I would love to see your haul and read about your experience! Please comment or link me to your post below!


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