Happy Lunar New Year! - 2013 Year of the Snake

Happy Lunar New Years! I love celebrating this holiday with family and friends.

New Year’s food preparation started about a week ago at my aunt’s house. Every year my aunt would wrap zongzi, and make niangao for all of us. This year my mom decided to tag along and learn how to wrap zongzi too. When I learned how to wrap them a few years ago, it took me so long to get the hang of it. My mom learned pretty quickly though. My mom is the one with the spunky hair.

chinese new year food chinese new year food
chinese new year food chinese new year food
chinese new year food
chinese new year food

Look at all the zongzi boiling away. My aunt also made kau yoke, and boiled some fresh peanuts for us to snack on.

Fast forward a week and we had Lunar New Year’s eve dinner at my house! Mom made 8 dishes this year. Food was delicious and spending time with family is awesome as usual. (Since eve fell on a Saturday this year we decided to just have one big family dinner, instead of having one family dinner on Saturday, and bigger one on the second day of the year with our extended family.)

chinese new year food

For everyone celebrating Lunar New Year I wish you good luck and good fortune, happiness and health. Now watch this little video!

Happy Lunar New Years Everyone!


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