Eyelash Canada Eyelash Extensions Review

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Earlier this month I got eyelash extensions done at Eyelash Canada with Yvette Spencer. It was my first time getting eyelash extensions so I mentally prepared myself as much as I could before my appointment. Yvette was extremely helpful and thorough about the process and explained to me exactly what she was going to do after each and every step.

The basic idea of eyelash extensions is that for every natural eyelash you have, a tiny hair/lash is glued on top of it essentially extending the length of your natural eyelash. The hairs used will have a natural curve to them and it doesn't matter if your lashes are pin straight, like mine are, the end result will be curled lashes. The curve can be described as a 'J' or 'C' curve but the result really depends on your natural lashes and what extensions your esthetician uses.

For my lashes Yvette showed me three different lengths of lashes she was going to use, and briefed me on the glue, surgical tape, and other tools involved. I definitely felt a lot more comfortable after being informed so much on the process and seeing their emphasis on hygiene and safety.

After my eye area was cleaned, surgical tape was used to tape my lower lashes down and tape was also used to lift my upper lashes so that the eyelash extensions could be glued on. At first the glue didn't bother me at all but once the whole eye was done and the tape removed, I did feel some discomfort and my eye began to water. This happened with both eyes.

Here I have one eye completed.

Here both eyes are completed.

It took a total of 2 hours to complete my extensions. Yvette said that on average, she typically applies anywhere from 40 - 90 lashes to each eye. That’s one extension to every natural lash. In the end for my lashes, she said she applied anywhere between 80 - 90 lashes on each eye. That's a lot of lashes!

Eyelash Canada has two locations in the city of Toronto. I haven’t been to Eyelash Canada downtown, but the one at Orfus Rd. was minimalistic in terms of d├ęcor and ambiance. Aside from eyelash extension services, Eyelash Canada also offers hair extensions, permanent makeup, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, wax hair removal, and eyelash extensions training and certification. For more information regarding prices or services check out Eyelash Canada’s official website www.eyelashcanada.com

The one thing I would stress to anyone interested in getting eyelash extensions, is to do your homework and go to a reputable establishment. Don’t be afraid to ask how tools are cleaned and exactly what you can expect to happen during the process. There are risks you do need to consider, so do as much research as you can before deciding. Overall I can't say enough about my experience with Eyelash Canada and Yvette Spencer. I love my eyelash extensions and I’ve received a lot of compliments since getting them.

*This is a sponsored post. Product(s) and or service(s) mentioned in this post were provided by Eyelash Canada for review. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by Eyelash Canada. Please see www.blushmepretty.com’s full disclosure policy here.


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