IMATS Toronto 2012 - First Time Experience and Perspective From a Part Time, Part Time, Blogger

Preparing for IMATS ...
I've wanted to go to IMATS for several years now, but year after year I kept missing the event in Toronto. This year I made a mental note, I must attend IMATS 2012! So I stalked the IMATS website and grabbed tickets as soon as they become available. It was only after I grabbed the tickets I thought to myself, 'who am I to be attending this huge event meant for professionals, and enthusiasts?' My blog is on hiatus 70% of the time, I can barely call myself a part time blogger and definitely not a makeup 'enthusiast' (but maybe a hoarder)! Honestly, I don't even wear makeup every day. I'm lucky if I can use up a bottle of anything before it expires. So why am I going to IMATS?

The truth is, over the years I've heard so many things about this huge makeup event that every Youtube guru and beauty blogger attends, that I just wanted to see what all the hype's about. I also thought this would be a great opportunity to meet like minded people who share this common interest that is makeup. I had 3 goals for this weekend.

Fannie's IMATS Goals
1. Get there early to avoid the crowd
2. Make a list and stay on budget
3. Take the opportunity and say hi to local bloggers

My third goal was something I really wanted to commit myself to doing. In my small social group of friends and family, there isn't anyone quite obsessed with makeup and beauty products the way that I am (reason for this blog) and though I initially convinced my sister to come with me (who actually cancelled, so last minute I asked my cousin), moving forward I envision a lot more makeup and beauty related events I would like to attend. It would be nice to know a few people so I wouldn't be there alone, being anti-social, awkward, and creepy. I'm weird.

At IMATS ...
Now sometimes no matter how much you set your mind to something, things just don't happen the way you want it to. Bad habit of late night internet browsing, and gaming caused both my cousin and I, to sleep in Saturday morning. We didn't get to IMATS until around noon and when we arrived I realized I didn't bring my shopping list.

My god there were a lot of people. Since we arrived so late I was really worried that we would have to shove and elbow our way to the counters. The MUFE and MAC counters were the busiest it seemed. MUFE had a paper slip ordering system which seemed efficient enough but at MAC I had to find a rep to help me get my stuff which took a little while. Wasn't horrible though.

After I grabbed my essentials from the 'big' brands, we went around to all the other vendors. There was some great deals to be found like China Glaze and OPI polishes, brushes, train cases. Also cool makeup gadgets to learn about like Temptu Airpod and IPKN Auto Wave systems. I took my time swatching and watching demonstrations at the various vendors but I didn't attend any of the seminars or talks at the stages.

I messaged some local bloggers I occasionally tweet with but they were already gone or were on their way out. I saw a lot of other local bloggers I follow, but I was too chicken shit to say hi. I get so nervous and I'm easily star struck when it comes to people I admire that I've never talked to before.

In the end I didn't achieve any of my IMATS goals but I still had an amazing time and I look forward to going again in 2013. IMATS 2013 will be held at the Metro Convention Center in downtown Toronto! I can't wait.

IMATS Toronto 2012 Haul and Experience IMATS Toronto 2012 Haul and Experience
IMATS Toronto 2012 Haul and Experience IMATS Toronto 2012 Haul and Experience
IMATS Toronto 2012 Haul and Experience IMATS Toronto 2012 Haul and Experience

For more on my IMATS Experience and Haul details please check out part 2 of my IMATS coverage here

Preview of purchases posted on my instagram @dfannie
IMATS Toronto 2012 Haul and Experience

Have you gone to IMATS or plan to? Please let me know what the experience was like for you. Feel free to link me any blog posts and hauls from this weekend, I'm still on an IMATS high and I would love to read about it!


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