Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Blackest Black Review and Swatch

Overall rating – 3/5
Really dark color and easy to use. Not great for oily lids.

Maybelline's Lasting Drama gel eye liners usually come with an eyeliner brush (not pictured here). The gel itself comes in a little pot with a screw on cap. It's marketed as a 'gel' liner but the formulation is more like a cream liner. What's the difference? Gel liners tend to be more fluid and apply wetter and dry glossier. Cream liners on the other hand, are slightly dryer but creamier in formulation, and dry more matte (typically). (Do I really know what I’m talking about? Heck no, I’ve come to that conclusion off observation; cream or gel they could very well be the same thing.)

I really do like Maybelline’s Lasting Drama gel eyeliner and even the crummy brush it came with. Application is easy and the finish is dark and matte. I definitely love the finish of this over other glossy liquid eye liners. My main issue is that this liner smudges too easily. Even after a few minutes it’s still extremely prone to smudging (see pictures below). Since this liner doesn’t ‘set’ or dry, combined with my oily eyelids, Maybelline’s Lasting Drama eyeliner stays put for 4 maybe 5 hours max.

Overall, I will still continue to use this product but I will likely not repurchase. Maybe I got a dud. Let me know what you think if you’ve tried this liner or link your review below!

Do you prefer a glossy or matte eyeliner finish? Cream liner vs Gel liner? Can you tell the difference?


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