NYC Show Time Volumizing Waterproof Mascara Review

Show Time Volumizing
Overall rating – 3/5

NYC’s Show Time Volumizing mascara was better than I expected. I was downtown one evening and suddenly needed some makeup for the night so I grabbed this in the waterproof formula and in blackest black. I’m pretty sure it was on sale or something (I hate paying full price for drugstore makeup) and I figured it’s cheap so if it sucks I’ll just toss it.

Show Time Volumizing

This mascara is your very standard and very cheap drugstore mascara that will work for day to day. There’s nothing extraordinary about it per say, but it gives your lashes that oomph. The fiber bristle brush and semi-dry formula grabs and coats the lashes effectively. It doesn’t keep the curl perfectly but better than some other mascaras I’ve tried. I did notice a little bit of flaking but no smudging and the waterproof formulation is easy to remove.

Show Time Volumizing

All in all NYC’s Show Time Volumizing mascara isn’t amazing, but when you just need something, this can be one of those ‘just grab that one and go’ type of product.

What's your HG drugstore mascara?


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