LUSH Emotional Brilliance

Received my staff box with some Emotional Brilliance products.

Focus Cream Eyeshadow
Cream eyeshadow with a grey blue/lavender base that reflects green in the light. Very creamy and blendable. Once it dries it sets and doesn't budge almost like eye liner... Easy to remove.

Believe Liquid Lipstick
This color is right in between a neutral pink an a hot pink with a touch of coral. It has a cream finish that dries a little bit matte. Super blendable, you can wear a tiny bit for a pink glow on the lips, or do a normal application to get the pink you see in the bottle.

Motivation Liquid Eyeliner
A dark blue eye liner that reflects green in the llight. Applies opaque. I don't like the brush it came with but I can use my own. Needs a good makeup remover to remove effectively.

Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder
Fine setting powder that's light pink in color. From swatching and blending on the hand, the powder doesn't leave any color behind. I do need to try it on the entire face before I can say more about this product. Kind of reminds me of Benefit's Powderfladge.

Eye Right Mascara
Made with a wheat grass infusion to help condition the lashes and only 1 preservative versus 5 which are commonly found in mascaras. This is the product I'm least pleased with packaging wise. I am an extreme mascara junkie and the short handle is a big turn off. I'll give it a try none the less but arg short handle!

Charisma Skin Tint
Bronze with super fine gold shimmers. Like with all bronzing products, you really need to try it on yourself to see if the color works for you. I'm going to try blending it into some moisturizers, BB creams, and foundations.

Feeling Younger Skin Tint
Pearl white base with fine gold pigment throughout. Can be blended into other skin care and color products like Charisma, but has more of a highlighting effect. Very pretty color.

I'm very excited to try Emotional Brilliance, Charisma, Feeling Younger, and all of the liquid lipsticks. I'm not thrilled about the packaging (especially for the mascara) but the pigmentation of everything is amazing. At my training session a few weeks ago, I swatched all the different colors and products and Decisive liquid lipstick, is definitely my favorite. One thing to note is that all of the cream shadows and liners (except for the gold (Fantasy) and black (Independent) eye liners) has the same finish and are designed to be multifunctional so they can be used as both cream shadows or liners.

Be sure to check out LUSH's Emotional Brilliance range if you haven't done so already.

* I work for LUSH, and all products featured in this post are from my staff box given to me for my own personal use. I am not compensated to write about these products, all opinions are my own.


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