Setting Your Alarms 101

If you're like me where luck never seems to be on your side, chances are some pretty dumb shit has happened to you. An example would be setting your alarm but still missing your flight in the morning... Because your alarm didn't go off. True story, it happened to me about 2 hours ago. So what happened!? Was it the AM/PM, the volume, or snooze? I feel like I'm replaying an episode of Seinfeld (The Marathon Runner) when Jean-Paul missed his big race due to the 'separate knob' for the volume. My mistake unfortunately was the 'weekday/weekend'. Damn you Iphone with all your fanciness, letting us set 27342 alarms if we wanted to! So here's the run down of things to check when setting your damn alarm clocks!

Setting Your Alarm ... Check it.
1. Set the proper time
2. AM/PM
3. Volume/silent modes
4. Radio or ring tunes
5. Weekday, weekends, or everyday
6. Battery life

The first and second are obvious and nowadays most people don't screw up the AM/PM. I put it on the list for idiots like myself where some times obvious and Mr. Common sense just don't quite come together. Next is understand your volume and silent modes. Test your devices and make sure that when it rings, the volume is high enough to wake your ass in the morning. If you like to put your phone on silent modes when you go bed, make sure it will still ring for you at the time you set it to. Once you've got your volume in check, you want to look into what kind of sounds are available for alarms. Do you want to wake up to church bells, drums, outdated techno beats, or some guy on the radio yelling at you? If you already have seagulls yelling outside your window every morning, chances are 'birds in the meadows' isn't the right alarm sound for you. Next you gotta make sure to check your weekday, weekend, or everyday settings. This should become a norm like the AM/PM because most devices will have this fancy option for you now. Lastly you want to check your battery life. Last thing you need is for your phone or whatever to die out on you in the middle of night.

So those are my tips, and officially my new check list when I set my alarms moving forward. If you have any suggestions or tips for settings alarms or waking up on time please leave a comment below!

Fortunately Air Canada was able to put me on a flight later today and I'm on my way to the airport now.


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