LUSH Skincare Training

LUSH skin care

For those who don't know I work for a bath and cosmetics company called LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. An awesome thing about working for this company is that a few times a year we get product and brand training. At these training sessions we get to learn more about the products, what great ingredients go into them, how to use the products, and also the inspirations and stories behind the product creation.

LUSH skin care LUSH skin care

This time around the training was focused on LUSH's skincare range which includes but isn't limited to face creams, face and body masks, cleansers, toners, massage bars, and toner tabs. Two tables laid out at the front showcased some of our amazing ingredients and our products.

Though I tried my best at the beginning to take notes on all of the different ingredients that Emily, our trainer, spoke to us about so that I could share the information with all of you, there were so many mentioned I couldn't keep up. Honestly as soon as she started passing things around and I started touching and feeling everything, my pen went down and I just couldn't stop rubbing this oil and that oil all over myself!

The following are some LUSH items that I haven't used before but am excited to try based on a few key ingredients that really stood out for me.

LUSH skin care

Tea Tree Water Toner
LUSH skin careLUSH skin care

Tea Tree oil is naturally antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral. Great for acne skin and use over small cuts and insect bites because it promotes healing and prevents infections.

Enzymion Facial Moisturizer
LUSH skin care

This just smells amazing and feels nice on the skin. It's got papaya juice and lemons in it which are great for stimulating the skin. It also has some very good cold pressed oils as well. No key ingredient feature that I really have notes on for this one I'm just really excited to try it because of the smell!

Celestial Facial Moisturizer
LUSH skin care LUSH skin care

When we passed the almond oil around and I rubbed it in my right hand, omg it was amazing. The almond oil made my hand the softest compared to all the other oils I rubbed into my skin. Very high in vitamin E and absorbs easily into the skin. Softens skin and is great for dry, chapped, or cracked skin.

Enchanted Eye Cream
LUSH skin care LUSH skin care

Jojoba Oil resembles our skins natural oil so when applied, absorbs very easily into the skin. It's very hydrating and soothing and also helps to balance your skin's natural oil production. Perfect for use around the delicate eye area because it doesn't clog your pores.

Toner Tabs
There are many different ones with different essential oils to target specific skin needs or aromatherapy needs. These are not new but I've never tried them until training and I must say it smelt and felt really good. We only steamed our faces for a few minutes but it felt great, so I can't wait to try these at home to get the full affects.

Hottie Massage Bar
LUSH skin care LUSH skin care LUSH skin care

Cocoa Butter is great for protecting the skin and helps to fade/prevent scarring.
Shea Butter softens, moisturizes and heals dry and damaged skin.
I love using massage bars after I shave my legs. So soothing for my irritated and itchy skin.

Three skin care tips from our trainer.
1. Find a realistic skin care regime that fits your lifestyle.
2. Don't categorize yourself as a certain skin type. Your skin changes all the time.
3. Listen to your skin.

Another interesting thing that we touched on during training was how your skin care products make our skin feel after washing is just preference, and that there's no wrong or bad feeling. Some prefer squeaky clean while others prefer a soft clean. I like both but when I need to wear makeup I tend to go for squeaky clean, lightly moisturized.

There are so many natural ingredients that are amazing for the skin so I hope this will inspire you to look into some of them and add them to your skin care regime.

After cleansing and moisturizing, how do you like your skin to feel?


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