Review - HadaLabo SHIROJYUN Whitening Lotion

Review - HadaLabo SHIROJYUN Whitening Lotion
Overall - 5/5
Great product, I would recommend adding it to any skin care regimen.

The product comes in a plastic bottle with flip cap that’s tight and secure. You could easily mistake this product for a facial toner, but it really is a moisturizing lotion. The consistency is a semi clear liquid (like rice water) and is not really scented. Fairly affordable and can easily be found on Asian cosmetics sites and your local Asian cosmetics store. Mine was purchased from

Review - HadaLabo SHIROJYUN Whitening Lotion

I do not use a cotton ball or pad to apply this product. I do 2 quick dashes from the bottle into my hands and rub my palms briskly before pressing the product into my skin. Just a little bit of swiping and pressing the product absorbs very quickly leaving my skin feeling hydrated and plump. I have been using this product twice every day and the hydrating effects are very evident. I can’t really comment on the whitening claims because I’ve been treating my skin with salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide which together I believe has really cleared up my skin and lightened some discoloration. I can say however, that this product has definitely helped to restore the moisture to my skin from all the chemicals and meds I am currently using to treat my acne. It’s extremely hydrating and it feels so light on the skin, great for the summer weather. I didn’t notice any weird separation or extra oiliness when combined with makeup. Sometimes I pair this with another cream or lotion on top, but most of the time I find just using this is enough. All in all this is a great light feeling moisturizer that works well.

I’ve read some other reviews and have seen some pictures where this product is more transparent and less rice water looking.

If you've tried this product please let me know your thoughts or link me to your review!


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