Review - Kuan Yuan Lian Beadlike Grain Powder

Overall rating - 4/5
2 in 1. Great exfoliator and cleansing mask.

Ever since I started working at LUSH, I developed a fascination for natural skincare and beauty products. It was no surprise I had to try Kuan Yuan Lian's Beadlike Grain Powder as soon as I saw it on (Weird Asian beauty products are also right up my alley.) The green bean powder comes in a 180 g tub or refill packs which are also available on SASA. This product is all natural - no preservatives, colors, or perfumes. I can only describe the scent as HOLY MOTHER CRAPPING BEAN SPROUTS. No kidding this stuff is hands down 100% natural. The product also comes with a little plastic spoon that fits in the tub.
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The directions on SASA state that this product can be used as a cleanser or a mask. I like it both ways but mostly I use it as an exfoliating cleanser in the morning or at night (when I don’t have any makeup on). This product is not very effective in removing makeup and because of the granules you should not use this product near your eyes. As a mask this product is very similar to clay or mud based masks. It will tighten as it dries pulling dirt and oil from your pores. For cleansing I usually use 1 scoop and for use as a mask I use 1 heaping spoonful.

To use, cup the powder in your palms and gradually sprinkle in water and mix until you get a thick paste. You can continue adding more water to get a thinner consistency but I prefer it to be thick because it applies easier and is less messy. Apply the solution to your face and rub in circular motions, add more water as it dries and keep scrubbing if you really want to give your skin a good exfoliation. Rinse off with lukewarm water or leave on as a mask for about 8 minutes before removing.

The consistency of this is a combination of fine powder and granules. The combination is wonderful for cleaning and exfoliating the surface of the skin. The granules are large enough to give your skin a massage but they don’t feel scratchy or rough at all. After each use my face feels so soft and very smooth.

If you can stand the natural green bean scent and the fact that it can be a little messy to use, this is definitely something to try. It's a great all natural alternative to harsher exfoliators like St. Ives. I would recommend this product to people who have normal, oily, or combination skin types.

I hope you enjoyed this review. This stuff was really weird but I'm very happy I purchased and will continue to use and have on hand as a cleansing mask.

What is the worst smelling beauty or makeup product you've ever tried?


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