Review - Skin Food Kiwi Yogurt Mask

Overall rating 3/5

Product comes in a tub with a wide screw on cap. The packaging is sturdy but is non-hygienic because you have to stick your fingers into the pot to get the product. The consistency is light and fluffy with no abrasive components. It’s pastel green in color with little dark green beads throughout. I’m not sure what the beads are, but they break up easily enough if you rub them. If the beads contain essence and good stuff, I would prefer they just combine it into the main part of product so I don’t have to rub and break them in. If the beads are just powder and coloring added for aesthetics… I would rather they not be there at all. The yummy citrus scent is super refreshing. It’s not lemon and lime citrus but super sour kiwi citrus. It’s very nice and makes me hungry for fruits every time I use it.

I enjoyed using this one a lot more than the rice mask. The kiwi mask is very softening whereas the rice mask is very whitening. Aside from softening, I didn’t notice any other immediate results nor did I notice any long term benefits. The mask is effective in treating dry skin on the surface, softening and lifting dead skin cells, but doesn’t do anything for the skin below. I think it’s great as a pre exfoliating treatment. To use I clean my face and then apply the mask usually 10 - 15 minutes before I hop into the shower.

Now that I’ve used more mask products, I think I’ve unfairly reviewed the rice mask (here). Creme and yogurt masks are meant to be conditioning and softening more than anything. My expectations for both of these Skin Food masks were too high. If I take them for what they are these are pretty good and I do like them. I would consider purchasing this again but there are so many other masks I would rather try. It didn’t wow me so I’m moving on.

Have you tried any of the Skin Food masks? Have you tried Skin Food’s Jelly masks? I'm really curious about those.


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