Review - St. Ives Elements Timeless Skin Daily Micro-Dermabrasion

St. Ives Elements Timeless Skin Daily Microdermabrasion

Overall Rating - 2/5
Will not repurchase - Ineffective and product did not work well with my skin type.

St. Ives Daily Micro Dermabrasion is like a 2 in 1, scrub and face wash. The product is an opaque gel that foams up into a nice lather and uses fine hydrated silica to exfoliate the skin. It's formulated to be used daily so the scrub did feel very gentle on my skin. I think this product was heavily perfumed but I didn't mind the floral and generic soapy scent. I was looking for a fine and dense scrub to lay the smack down on my uneven skin, but this product was a definite flop.

I normally use this product after a hot shower while my face is still moist. The gel spreads easily enough at first but gets thick very quickly. When it does I always need to wet my fingers in order to spread the product around some more. The problem is when I add more water the product begins to lather up and it becomes less effective as an exfoliator. I tried using more of the product to see if I can get more exfoliating benefits, but I always end up with more suds than scrub. Another thing I did not enjoy about this product is that it doesn't rinse away clean. No matter how many times I splash and repeat, my face will still feel soapy. I absolutely hate products that do not rinse away clean, leaving that filmy soapy feeling because these are the products that will give me these tiny acne bumps if I use them too often. Overall I am quite dissatisfied with this product and would not recommend it to any one. It's too harsh as a daily facial cleanser (super soapy and perfumed), and too gentle as an exfoliator.

To use this up I now add lots of sugar to it. The sugar helps the super fine hydrated silica exfoliate, and soapiness of the product makes using the sugar on the face more gentle. (More on using sugar on the face later. The beauty community seems pretty divided about this.)

Do you have any products you don't like but you're trying to use up?


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