Review - Cosline Sweet Honey Pack

Overall rating 2/5
Would probably not repurchase. Would like to try other gel masks.

I love honey and honey products but I noticed that 'honey' cosmetics either have that sweet honey toffee smell or a earthy waxy smell. This product does not have a sweet honey scent. It smells slightly herbal very raw but definitely has that waxy smell. The consistency is clear, thick, and sticky, resembling real honey. It's very smooth and easy to apply. Though it's kind of cute I hate the packaging because you have to stick your fingers into the pot to get any product. Also the lid is attached to the pot and kind of springs back a bit when open so I can see it getting pretty messy if the user is not careful to keep the lid open.

The Honey Pack contains honey extract that's supposed to moisturize and soften skin. I did not notice immediate results but my skin would be oilier, but more moisturized, the morning after. I'm not very impressed with this product so I only use this when I use pore strips after a steamy shower. I apply the pore strip first and then I apply a good amount of the Honey Pack on the rest of my face. About 10-20 minutes depending, I remove with water and moisturize as usual. I only use this to keep my skin moist while the pore strip does its business, if not for this reason I probably won't use it at all. I don't feel like it's worth the hassle as other products are more convenient to use and give me better results. Since the results weren't amazing, I will not purchase this again. I'm still interesting in trying some of Cosline's other gel masks but for now I think I will be checking out some other brands like Bonanza.

Have you tried Cosline products? What is your favorite gel mask?


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