New Apartment - Living on my own

Just a quick update from my last post back in April, everything went smoothly and I got the place! Moved in early June and have been living out of boxes ever since. I'm pretty picky and still haven't bought any new furniture for the place. I got a few key pieces from home and from my aunt so it's not that sad. Don't picture me sleeping on the floor lol. There's a lot to do for the new place ... She's a little bit of a fixer upper. The first thing I had to do was paint my kitchen cabinets.

The building is about 60 years old and I swear almost everything in this kitchen is original.

Nice and white baby. Also a little bit messy... lol

When I moved in I was super excited but just my luck there was a major water leak from upstairs that flooded my hall way closet. It's finally fixed and dry now but my closet did get moldy so I have to scrub it down and IPA the damn thing.

Next big home project is laying new flooring in my dining and living space. I want to go with a darker finish but it might be too fancy for this old place lol.

I finally have a dining table now (have been eating my meals at the coffee table XD ). My cousin got my siblings and a few friends to chip in for table and chairs for my birthday. It was exactly what I wanted. It's one of those IKEA ones where you can extend it to seat more people.

Now for some foodie photos. My birthday cake! Mango mouse. It says Happy Birthday Thanh and Annie. Thanh is my father, we have the same birthday. =]

The smiley face plums are so cute. Someone got to them while I was passing cake around lol

Will be back with a beauty or make up related post soon. I need to overhaul this blog ...

- Fannie


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