Review - TCM Mask Chinese Traditional Medicine Sleeping Packs

I purchased 2 of the TCM Mask Chinese Traditional Medicine Sleeping Packs from for $ 1.10 EA. I purchased the cubilose pearl and fomes japonica spores. This is the first sleeping mask or overnight mask I tried and the experience alone is discouraging me to try other sleeping masks.

There is about 20g of product in each pack which seems to be enough for 2 or 3 uses. I really don't know how much of the product to use but I divided each pack in half and there was so much product to go around. The instructions were simple, apply to clean skin before bed time.

In this picture I have about half the packet smoothed on. Look at how thick I had to layer it!

The texture is smooth and jelly like. It's very hydrating and not sticky or tacky.

Here is the description from
The Chinese Medicine Masks series adopt the latest technology to extract the essence from the pure natural Chinese herbal medicine. It combines the traditional Chinese medical theory thoroughly with the modern beauty industry; therefore greatly enhance the effect of beauty nursing which especially suits for the skin of eastern females.

This product is best for dry and sensitive skin but can be used for all skin types.

When I wake up in the morning my skin definitely feels smoother. The mask hydrates dry patches and really helps with acne spots. I don't feel like it's a lot more hydrating compared to other masks I've tried. Sheet masks, in my opinion, definitely hydrate my face better.

My biggest issue with using these is that they take a long time to sink in and I have to be super careful while I'm tossing and turning in bed. I understand the concept of these and why I need to layer it on thick, but I am a bad sleeper. I toss, I turn, I bury my face in my pillow and blankets (contributes to acne I know) so you can imagine how uncomfortable I was when using these. I also didn't know how much product to use. I googled other popular sleep masks and found in one set of instructions to use a walnut size amount. This is why I divided these packs in half. I get a generous amount slightly larger than a walnut.

Overall my face felt moisturized and I am happy with the results for the low low price of $ 1.10 a pack. However, with the hassle of having it on overnight I'm not too sure I would repurchase. Another reviewer on SASA mentioned that she just applies a thin layer in addition to her regular skin care routine. I think this is a great idea.

- Enough product for 2 - 3 uses.
- Add it to your regular skin care by just applying a thin layer every night (1 pack should last a week and a half).
- Put it on an hour or at least 30 minutes before bed time to allow the product to sink in a bit.
- To keep the product from getting onto your bed sheets and pillow cases, apply a clean and dry cotton mask over your face. Next time you use a sheet mask just rinse the cotton sheet when you're done and you can save it for this purpose.

Hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any other questions please comment.

- Fannie


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