Review - LUSH Ocean Salt

This is quick post about LUSH's Ocean Salt face and body exfoliant scrub. First I would like to say that I do work for LUSH manufacturing. I usually pick up my Ocean Salt from staff sales at a discounted price and I have also on several occasions bought Ocean Salt from the stores. I do have an employee discount. I just want to put that out there before I continue with the review.

Smells like a cocktail and is bright blue in color when you first open it. Contains lime juice, vodka, and lots of salt.

The topping is coarse sea salt that is bright blue.

Very important that before you use your Ocean Salt you need to stir the product well. As you can see the bottom is white colored and contain fine salt.

After a good mix you get this zesty and fluffy exfoliant that I do use on my face. I think that this product might be a bit harsh for people with sensitive skin and I would not recommend it for everyone. This stuff is best when my skin has been neglected and blah. Ocean Salt lays the smack down on my skin!

I usually give my face a splash then pat dry with a facial sponge or towel. Then I apply the product and exfoliate in circular motions, wetting my finger tips and massaging in. Rinse with water and I'm left with soft, clean, and bright skin.

Even though this product can be harsh, because of its texture, I think the harshness can be reduced by adding water or using it on a wet face.

Muahhaha my gigantor pores. I have terrible skin but like I said this stuff kicks ass.

- Apply product to dry face and apply water with finger tips as you massage to find perfect scrubbiness
- Great for sluggish skin
- Great to use on the nose and chin to help get rid of pores

Please let me know how you all feel about product reviews from people who work for the company of the products they are reviewing. I really do like this product and would not have reviewed it if I've never purchased it with my own money. Before I worked at LUSH I was totally blah about the products and brand. I just wasn't interested lol. However, after working with the company and being able to try some of these products there are definitely a few things I would willingly go purchase even if I didn't work for LUSH anymore.

Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading

- Fannie


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