My Hoochie Nails - Pink and sparkly OPI Dolce de Leche and Teenage Dream

Super cute pink and sparkly look by MakeYuUp. Please see her post here.

I used Dolce de leche and Teenage Dream to complete this look. Teenage dream does look amazing on top of Dolce de leche and I would encourage everyone to try them together.

MakeYuUp's finished look was more polished and it looked like she had more of a gradiant effect. I took the Teenage Dream and started to apply it from where I would normally start a french, and instead of swooping over to create a curve I painted straight down to the opposite corner. I repeated from the other side of my nail and painted down to the opposite corner as well, overlapping the first application of Teenage Dream. You're pretty much creating a V shape vs a U shape, which to me looked nicer.

Be sure to check out her post. This look is all hers. I was wanting Teenage Dream in OPI's Katy Perry collection but wasn't sure. After seeing Yu's alternative way to wearing the polish I was sold.

Does any one have tips on getting a more gradiant effect? I will try the sponge technique next time though I worry the glitters will just get caught and stuck on the sponge.

- Fannie


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