Daily Ramblings - Valentine's Day at Historic Distillery District

Hello all. I hope that everyone had a lovely Valentine's day. No gifts or anything super lovey dovey this year. Not a big Valentine's day person to begin with, but after 6 years (this is our 7th together) we did all the typical movie dinner type things in previous years. Originally we planned to stay home and make dinner but sudden change and we ended up having dinner with friends at Mill St Brewpub in the Historic Distillery District. This being one of my favorite places in the city, I couldn't say no.

This is a stock photo from their website. I was meaning to take some pictures but it was freezing out so I didn't.

Home to galleries, restaurants, pubs, bakeries, cafes, and a dance theatre, the Historic Distillery District is open year round. A must see place for people coming to visit Toronto.

This was my first time dining at Mill St Brewpub. The atmosphere was nice and the service friendly. They have lots of special deals through out the week like appetisers for $ 5 after 8, and 50 cents wings on Tuesdays. Since this is a pub, I didn't have high expectations for the food. Our entrees were so so, but the beer and desserts made up for it. If you visit the pub please try the stick toffee pudding with a scoop of ice cream. AMAZING. I hate to quote my friend Allen, but gosh darn it, it's like sex in your mouth (AHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA).

Finished the night off at my boyfriend's friend's house, with mah jong for shots.

- Fannie


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