Daily Ramblings - Busy week, uneventful weekend =\

Hello all! I'm finally caught up with all the blogs posts I've missed this week. I've been so busy this week with work that this week felt so long. In Canada we actually had a holiday on Monday (Family Day) so really it was a short week for us. Spent most of the week at my BF's place and just being out of my space I haven't been able to read and do any entries.

Spent a few hours playing DC Universe today then came home and had a delicous dinner with my family and family friends. I spent the rest of the night reading my subscriptions watching Hoarders on A&E. The episodes tonight are really getting to me. People are hoarding animals and uy... I try not to watch Hoarders, or Intervention because the shows are so emotional and I always feel weighed down after.

This is my weekend when my boyfriend is at work, and my girlfriends are with their boyfriends.

Quick post coming up. LUSH Ocean salt.


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