Review - Aveeno Positively Radiant Make up Removing Cleanser

Hello. Just wanted to do a review on my current cleanser. I heard about this cleanser from cupcaaakeLOVE on Youtube and grabbed it from my local drug store because I needed a new daily cleanser.

This cleanser claims to gently remove make up for clean and radiant skin. Its supposed to smooth and soften skin. It is oil free, hypoallergenic, and soap free. I have extremely dry, sensitive, and acne prone skin and this cleanser was not overly drying. I think it does a decent job cleaning and removing make up at the end of the night. I also use it in the morning to rinse away any oil and dirt from bed time. It has a generic flower soapy smell.

Above we have some concealer, liquid eye liner, waterproof mascara, and foundation.

The cleanser comes out of the pump a soapy foamy consistency. Just massage for a minute and rinse clean with water.

As you can see concealer, liquid liner, and foundation is gone but there's still some water proof mascara residue. I also notice when I use BB creams, I have to wash my face twice or use a facial sponge or my Clarisonic facial brush.

Overall I do like this cleanser. For the value it effective removes non water proof make up, oil and dirt well with out irritating my dry skin but I need to remove long lasting or water proof make up.

I will repurchase this cleanser.

- Fannie


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